Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #119 ~ Joy All Year

I do enJOY my name.
I get to keep Christmas gifts on display all year, because I have a good excuse.
"THINK about it."

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Pallet Christmas Tree

    Just a simple Christmas tree that is easy to put up and take down.  
    Thank-you Mr. G for making it for me.
    It couldn't be more perfect!

Tuesday Teaser
This tree fits perfect.  
It took several years for me to save up the money to buy 
my big lush bushy Christmas tree.
After using it for only 2 years, I had to downsize
and didn't get to put it up, till I moved here.
It had to sit in front of this fireplace & door where I had to walk around it.

Plus it took me about 2 hours to put it up and
 another 2 hours to take it down.
I found the perfect day to put the lights on the tree
 during a bit of snow.
I intended to just put on a simple string of lights.
I came across the greenery lights I used to use on the mantel and later on the staircase rails.
They worked out much better than the simple lights I'm sure. 
Took me longer to find them than to put them on the tree.
Mr. G. had already made and put up the star last week,
while I had made the garland (to be posted next week.)
I highly appreciate a very simple, country Christmas.

Below are the measurements that Mr. G followed. 
They worked perfectly for my space.
Please visit Dear Lillie Studio for her beautiful advent calendar idea.

Wooden Tree Advent Calendar Tutorial 


 You'll find this post at several Linky Parties
Please check them out for some great ideas.
Thanks to
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo


Monday, December 11, 2017

Memory Mon 76~ Turning Corners with Sewing with Nancy

 Back in the 70s many of us were garment sewing 
when you could make clothing for roughly 1/3 the cost of store bought clothes.  
That was before fabric prices went sky high.
Nancy Zeiman in Sewing with Nancy on PBS came up with the idea of
 "wrapped corners" for collars and lapels.
 I have long since used that method a lot for any corner that needs to be turned.
 This method of turning the fabric on the previous stitch line and stitching over it,
makes great corners.

 I'm really going to miss Nancy Zeiman who seemed to be a very humble person.
 I hope somehow her friends that frequently appeared on her show,
continue with her show?

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